Our most ambitious plans at this point are for the second floor. Here are a bunch of photos of it as it is now.

Landing “Bedroom”

landing-1 landing-2 landing-4
This is the view from the top of the stairs, my favorite parts are these "super useful" closets.
landing-3 landing-6 landing-8
landing-7 landing-5
Some details here, like the halfway done ceiling drywall and the old school heating grates.

Master Bedroom

master-1 master-2
The master was modified to match the shape of the front of the house, making it octagonal.
master-3 master-4
Here's the other "closet" and this weird wall-mounted light socket.

Normal Bedroom

bedroom-1 bedroom-3 bedroom-4
Not much to see here, some dark green walls and unfinished painting/trim work.
bedroom-5 bedroom-7 bedroom-6
This room has the only real closet of the three. The ladder is still in there from when we inspected the attic.

I also made this quick video, to give a better idea.

Blueprints - Before

This is the blueprint I made of the floor, using various iOS and OSX apps.
before-2 before-3 before-4
And their associated 3D views.

Blueprints - After

Our plan for now, subject to change of course, is to add a bathroom as follows:

  • Split small bedroom to make room for the bath

  • Arrange bathroom wall to avoid any window modification, eliminating the need to modify the siding

  • Bath will have a shower stall

  • Remove the French doors to the Master

  • Add a wall separating the landing bedroom from the stairs

  • Eliminate both triangle closets

  • Add closets roughly 36”x24” for both small rooms

  • Add a closet roughly 60”x24” for the master

And here's the blueprint, new walls are black.
after-3 after-2
after-5 after-4
And the 3D views, with some generic furniture.

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