Before any of the ambitious plans for the second floor can begin, I have to finish making various spaces livable. A seemingly simple part of this process was unpacking my kitchen boxes, but has become a little involved.

IMG_4229 IMG_4228
I'm pretty sure these drawers are older than I am.

First were the kitchen drawers fronts, which were attached with just a few nails along the sides. Having no sliding hardware they are just wood boxes in wood openings, and do not open or close easily. Owing in no small part to this difficulty, two of the three drawer fronts had split wood and, while not yet completely broken, are not entirely structurally sound.

(I would consider three drawers a small amount had my last kitchen contained more than two, which were all of 9-10 inches wide)

Since I have plans to replace or modify the doors and drawer fronts anyway, I decided to forgo a complicated fix that would leave the fronts intact and settled for a more direct approach.


Fortunately these were the only critical structural fixes that had to be made, while the rest is just cleaning. Of course, before cleaning I had to remove all the old contact paper, which in some places was two layers thick.

IMG_4230 IMG_4231

Almost all the drawers and cabinets had this dark green checkerboard paper, though one had a floral print over it, and one even had another print below it.


Kitchen cleaning and setup is still in progress, but I might post up some pictures when it’s done, just to use as a “before.”

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