I’ve fallen way behind in updating this site, but things are finally starting to move forward on the house. I’m planning to get some more photos and get a post up in the next week or so with details there, but in the meantime here’s a project from last year.


I decided to use some scrap wood my brother brought from work and some salvaged boards from a friend’s barn to make a standing desk.

Granary Tongue-and-Groove
The supports, top, and bottom shelf are salvaged granary boards from the barn.
The legs are undried scrap used to rest steel beams on, that I ran through a jointer to be just a little cleaner.

I bought and use a Kreg™ jig to assemble everything with wood screws, which was fortunate because the desk ended up being about 1.5 inches too short for comfort and I was able to disassemble and extend the legs at the top.

Jig Sides
Jig and side supports

Sides again

The top is screwed from the bottom, so even though imperfections and old nail holes are still visible, the actual fasteners are all hidden.

I also made a removeable bottom shelf, where I keep plastic boxes with office supplies, and keeps my windows computer off the floor.

Legs Bottom Shelf
Legs, and bottom shelf.
Entire Frame

Finally, the completed product before staining and finishing the wood, and the first iteration being used.

Built In Use
Completed, and being used.

I also built a shelf to support my monitor and macbook, but after a few months decided it needed to be bigger, as I’m now using two monitors and keeping the macbook closed. Here’s a photo of the desk today, with all the various crap my desks always seem to accumulate.

Current Use

You can also get just a slight idea of the bias lighting I recently installed on the backs of my monitors. The lamp will move at some point.

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