I’ve fallen way behind in updating this site, but things are finally starting to move forward on the house. I’m planning to get some more photos and get a post up in the next week or so with details there, but in the meantime here’s a project from last year.



A few weeks ago I finally got around to power-washing the dangerous slime off my back deck, and discovered I liked the bare wood and leftover paint even less. I took a belt sander to the remaining paint and gave the whole thing a coat of deck “stain”

The jury’s still out on whether it needs a second coat, but it probably does.

Before and After

Today’s post covers a couple of IKEA projects I did back in December. Just a little step-by-step, and nothing super fancy just some stain and paint.


Finally getting back to this post, over a month later, which should give some indication of the pacing of this project thus far. Oh well.

Before I could install the trim, I decided to refinish the sills on the windows, because they were in pretty rough shape and I decided that it wouldn’t be too difficult as they are the flattest part of the window trim.


My first thought was to buy nice dimensional lumber and just use a router table to match it to the old pieces. I decided this would be a lot of work and Menard’s had a fairly close baseboard trim that cost me less than the bare wood.

Stock Stock
Menards' stock photo, and one of the pieces I bought.