After spending last weekend acquiring the missing kitchen appliances, (Woo Craigslist) we turned on the water from the street to see if there are any plumbling issues.


There are.

The line of PVC running from the water softener is split down the side, and sprays water everywhere. Hopefully this is the only plumbing issue, but I doubt it. Too much pressure is being lost to get flow anywhere else, so we’ll see.

Update March 05, 2014: The source lines are rebuilt, and there’s no other source line leakage that we know of. There are some drain leaks, but those just need to be reassembled with pvc primer and we’ll be good to go.

I closed on my first home on February 10, 2014. This blog will be my attempt to chronicle the process of renovating the house to make it more livable, and add to its value. I’ll be relying on the experience and knowledge of my dad, and probably a little labor from two of my brothers, and documenting the process along the way.

As a web developer, I’ll be living in the house and telecommuting while doing the renovations. And probably tweaking this site as time goes on.